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Achieving operational excellence has become mandatory for maintaining a competitive advantage, and for many companies, is vital for survival. Process manufacturing companies must achieve the highest possible return on capital assets. Off-target performance and unavailability of critical production assets have strong impacts on production costs. Enterprises must also detect and solve equipment issues before they produce potentially costly consequences, a major operational challenge due to the increased complexity of equipment and production processes.
Discover Integration Objects’ products and solutions for operational intelligence for addressing these needs and many others of today’s key industry issues:


Smart Plants

The smart plants solution takes advantage of the smart equipment modules in order to manage the plant performance for increased safety and asset availability. Besides, it takes into account the interaction of events between different equipment. Take a look at the top five complex events for each smart plant. Top 5 complex events Smart Continuous […]


Integration Objects´ KnowledgeNet (KNet) is an innovative intelligent framework application specialized in collecting real-time data, detecting abnormal conditions, automating root cause analysis, and applying best practices through the workflow engine.

KnowledgeNet Analytics

KnowledgeNet Analytics is an out of the box data analysis software designed to meet operations needs in terms of knowledge mining in order to unlock hidden knowledge and profits within plant historical data. KNet Analytics helps analyzing and investigating the plant process behavior and states, identifying opportunities to increase operational efficiency and reliability, and predicting abnormal conditions.

Smart Equipment

Integration Objects’ newest solution, a series of Smart Equipment modules, is here to address your plant performance and safety concerns. These ready-to-use software components embed years of process knowledge in operating and optimizing process critical assets.


Vertical Applications

Reliability Expert System

Reliability Expert System offers an innovative approach for failures detection, tracking, reporting, analysis, and prediction. Our Reliability Expert combines automated root cause analysis, reliability analysis and remaining useful life prediction. This solution helps operations make informed decisions. It allows them to maximize asset availability, minimize costs and risks, and optimize spare parts management. The packaged […]

Surveillance Expert System

Surveillance Expert System Provides Operations Intelligence for Control & Command Centers Surveillance Expert System provides operators in military control and command centers with a consistent and reliable solution to assist them in making critical decisions in their daily operations and missions

CCR Expert

CCR Expert – Engineered to translate operational complexities into immediate business value CCR Expert is an advanced decision support solution dedicated for managing abnormal conditions and performance in a Continuous Catalytic Reforming unit.

Refinery Expert

Refinery Expert – Next generation of advanced solutions to leverage your operational performance Refinery Expert is an advanced solution designed to be deployed in the different refinery units or plants.

Energy Performance Expert

Energy Performance Expert is an innovative solution that tracks and optimizes energy performance from the plant wide level to the equipment level in order to dramatically reduce operating costs.

LNG Plant Expert

LNG Plant Expert fournit des informations essentielles pour une gestion performante des opérations des unités de GNL et permet aux utilisateurs d’identifier les domaines d’amélioration des processus, de la rentabilité et dans la prise de décision.

Alarm Management Expert

Alarm Management Expert provides a state of the art solution to intelligently guide your operations during abnormal conditions and help them focus on key information during alarm floods.

Tank Farm Expert

Tank Farm Expert is a high flexible solution that offers inventory, operations, and resource management capabilities for maximized business performance and smoother tank farm complex operations.