OPC Training in August

August 22th & 23th, 2016
Paris, France
August 25th & 26th, 2016
Lyon, France
August 29th & 30th, 2016
Marseille, France
Price: 990 EUR per participant
Duration: 12 hours
Language: French
Who should attend: engineers, project managers, automation engineers, IT leads, IT support engineers, and others involved in systems integration, cyber security and collecting operational data
Course Description:
  • Introduction to OPC course provides an overview of the OPC Data Access, OPC Historical Data Access and OPC Alarms & Events specifications
  • OPC hands-on workshop is an opportunity for participants to configure OPC products in order to establish OPC communication in a client/server and collect real-time data acquisition, historical data acquisition, alarms and events
  • Troubleshooting OPC course provides to troubleshoot common issues with the OPC communications and repair DCOM configuration problems
Key Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the training session, participants will learn:
  • The technical information they need to understand OPC and its benefits,
  • How to install, configure and deploy OPC products,
  • How to architect a plant-wide solution based on OPC,
  • How to troubleshoot OPC connectivity issues.
Training manual (paper copy and CD)
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows environment
  • No previous OPC experience is expected

Training Environment:

Participants may bring their own laptops. All the necessary software licenses will be provided by the training instructor during the training.