Smart Operations Training

We provide training courses for operational intelligence applications based on KnowledgeNet and KnowledgeNet Analytics, our innovative out-of-the-box technology for smart plant operations management. Available courses are:

Available Training Courses and Workshops

Our system integration services help you address critical business, security, and operational needs and include:

  • KnowledgeNet Level 1 – Introductory Course
    This is an entry-level course providing an overview of the KnowledgeNet framework. This course introduces the participants to the installation and deployment of their KNet solution. The basic operations for configuring KNet products will also be covered.
  • KnowledgeNet Level 2 - KNet Core Modules
    This course includes a hands-on workshop for each KNet core module in order to assist participants in gaining experience with KNet engineering environment. The course objective is to be able to build intelligent applications combining calculations, rules, workflows and root cause analysis models.
  • KnowledgeNet Level 3 - KNet Advanced Features
    This course covers the advanced features of KNet framework. By the end of this course, application engineers will have a complete understanding of how to define new classes, objects, procedures, jobs, expressions and smart equipment using embedded C# and KLanguage scripting.
  • KnowledgeNet Decision Support Application for End Users
    This course is intended for end users of decision support application built on top of KnowledgeNet. The participants will learn how to interact with the different user interfaces to gain insights into their operations performance and investigate performance gaps using key performance indicators and drill down trees.
  • Introduction to Smart Equipment
    This course provides an overview of the Smart Equipment technology and introduces the participants to the knowledge library and how deploy the existing models.
  • Smart Equipment Workshop
    In this hands-on workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to configure, deploy and fine tune the smart equipment models. The participants will also learn and build new models.
  • Introduction to KnowledgeNet Analytics
    The objective of this course is to present an overview of the KnowledgeNet Analytics technology and its features. This course also provides the theoretical fundamentals of the available advanced analytics and algorithms.
  • KnowledgeNet Analytics Workshop
    In this workshop, the participants will use KnowledgeNet Analytics to build models, generate statistics, charts and apply advanced algorithms in order resolve real industry related issues. Cases studies will also be provided as examples.