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Alarm Management Expert – Focus Operations’ Efforts on What Really Matters

Integration Objects’ Alarm Management Expert solution provides operations with an innovative approach of dynamic alarming to help operations monitor the process during abnormal conditions and alarm floods safely and efficiently.
This intelligent solution goes beyond standard alarm management software. In fact, it provides not only alarm reduction and dynamic alarming features, but also pinpoint the key issues behind peak alarms and provide operators with corrective actions to support their efforts to achieve the best response during abnormal conditions. Integration Objects’ intelligent alarm management solution leverages operators’ efficiency in their day-to-day plant operations and during abnormal conditions. It also provides shift supervisors and managers with statistical reporting features to track operators’ reactivity.
Refinery Expert

Key Benefits

Help operations team to manage abnormal conditions and alarm floods efficiently.

Prevent significant losses by proactively detecting deviations from optimal operations.

Action-oriented guidance to focus and resolve key issues.

Greater insight through statistical reporting

Compliant with ISA 95 and ISA 18.2 standards

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