Visualize your industrial needs with SIOTH® SCADA

SIOTH® SCADA, web based SCADA software, features various innovative aspects tailored to augment the user’s experience and effectiveness. A highly customizable platform designed to acclimate to the needs of businesses of all sizes, operating in all industries.


SIOTH® SCADA, Experience consolidated visualization

SIOTH® SCADA expedites intuitive and highly responsive industrial applications. We synthesized supervisory control systems and dashboarding into a web SCADA-deployed single-window interface that runs natively on tablets, computers, and multi-screen setups in control rooms. HMIs, dashboards, and configuration modules are web based, ensuring rapid and consistent access.


Know when, where, and how your sites operate.

Users can connect to SQL databases and consult PLCs data via the web from any platform. SIOTH® SCADA provides conventional SCADA functions over a web portal in a convenient manner for both engineers and operators. Build runtime clients and sessions that display current or historical data, and develop interfaces and controls for anything linked to your system. Constant system monitoring from a single location.

Hefty Historian

SIOTH's high-performance historian enables instantaneous use of any database for rapid data storage and data access. Easily configured, SIOTH® will keep track of your data.

Resilient Reporting

Produce enlightening reports that users can view and modify in real time. Adjust dates and relate to previous reports without disrupting the system. Furthermore, reports can be configured to be generated systematically and delivered via email

Alarms & Notifications

Leverage SIOTH’s ® cutting-edge alarming system through the web SCADA interface to build alarms for every plausible condition. Register, acknowledge, and respond to alarm notifications seamlessly. Set up notifications via email, SMS, and audio messages to be sent to individuals. .

Delivering an incremental path to holistic Industrial Cybersecurity

SIOTH® SCADA complies with critical ISA/IEC 62443 controls ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity.


Confidentiality is maintained through the use of authentication to access the platform and data encryption when connectors communicate with data sources and automation devices. Internally, our APIs communicate through an identity server, rendering data consumption or delivery from third party applications an impossibility. Furthermore, the presence of user management and role assignment features assure optimal confidentiality.


Integrity is achieved by not only controlling access to your data, but employing security measures that constrict what can be done with your data. SIOTH® does this through role management and user management. SIOTH® disables network sniffing of any kind, offering a sense of data-ambiguity. SIOTH® is holistically AES-256 encrypted.


Availability is crucial. SIOTH® support redundancy modes: Active-Passive as well as Active-Active. In addition to that, SIOTH® components reconnect automatically if any device is to go down. In the case that reconnection is not successful, incoming data are buffered until reconnection is established; ensuring no data loss.
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