OPC Products

OPC AE Test Client

Integration Objects’ OPC AE Explorer is a powerful OPC AE Test Client. Download now for free and discover how troubleshooting alarms and events can be easy. 

OPC DA Test Client

OPC DA Test Client is a free to use OPC DA Client tool which allows you to monitor real-time data from multiple OPC DA Servers. Download now!

OPC DA Test Client – Portable Edition

Download OPC DA Test Client - Portable Edition and start testing your OPC servers and items within few easy clicks. Free OPC DA explorer tool!

OPC Server Simulators

With Integration Objects' OPC Server Simulators, you can quickly check your OPC client functionality. Works with any OPC vendor. Download now !

OPC UA Server Simulator

OPC UA Server Simulator is a free to use and distribute OPC UA tool provided to end users, developers and system integrators to test their OPC UA clients!

OPC UA Client

Download and use our OPC UA Client for free now in order to easily explore and view your OPC UA data and start your OPC UA migration tests!

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