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OPC UA Server for Modbus

Facilitate seamless IT OT integration by connecting your Modbus devices into one single OPC UA Server for Modbus!

The OPC UA Server for Modbus collects data from any field device that supports Modbus protocol. The OPC UA server transfers real-time data to external applications such as historians, SCADA, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Using this Modbus to OPC UA interface, you can securely communicate with a plethora of Modbus Protocols over Ethernet and/or Serial.

Integration Objects’ OPC UA Server is designed to be a critical building block in the development of your systems, starting right down from the sensor data, and promoting effective IT OT Integration.

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OPC UA Server for Modbus

Product Features

  • Easily configured and fast to deploy
  • Versatile Modbus communication over TCP/IP and serial port communication
  • Security built-in for OPC UA communications and compliance with requirements from IEC 62443
  • Integrate numerous systems from various vendors
  • Firewall friendly


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