OPC Products

OPC UA Wrapper

OPC UA Wrapper is an OPC UA add-on providing a bridge between OPC Classic servers and OPC UA clients and between OPC UA servers and OPC Classic clients

OPC UA Client Toolkit

OPC UA Client Toolkit is a highly optimized .NET SDK that covers the main OPC UA features. Download the trial & see how you can easily develop OPC UA clients

OPC UA Server Toolkit

OPC UA Server Toolkit is a powerful toolkit for fast and easy programming of OPC UA server applications using C# .NET or VB .NET. Free Runtime Distribution!

OPC UA Server for Databases

OPC UA Server for Databases is an OPC UA Server that provides OPC UA clients with access to the data stored in relational databases (SQL, Oracle, MySQL,...)

OPC UA Bridge

OPC UA Bridge ensures reliable OPC Classic-to-Classic connectivity without DCOM issues, and smooth OPC Classic to OPC UA migration.

OPC UA Client

Download and use our OPC UA Client for free now in order to easily explore and view your OPC UA data and start your OPC UA migration tests!

OPC UA IoT Broker

OPC UA IoT Broker is a secure and reliable way of getting data from field devices to the cloud. Free download now for OPC UA integration with Azure!

OPC UA Proxy

Download OPC UA Proxy now and discover how you can easily configure an OPC UA tunneller between your OPC UA servers & OPC Clients. OPC DA, HDA & AE support!

OPC UA Server for DNP3

OPC UA Server for DNP3 connect to IEEE standard 1815 compliant devices, including RTUs, IEDs, PLCs, telemetry systems, and transducers

OPC UA Server for Modbus

The OPC UA Server for Modbus collects from data from any field device that supports Modbus TCP or Serial. This OPC UA interface is easy to deploy and scale.

OPC UA Server for SNMP

OPC UA Server for SNMP allows monitoring the health of SNMP enabled devices including workstations, servers, switches, (UPS), (PLC), and routers.

OPC UA Server Simulator

OPC UA Server Simulator is a free to use and distribute OPC UA tool provided to end users, developers and system integrators to test their OPC UA clients!

OPC UA Server Simulator – Full Edition

Integration Objects' OPC UA Server Simulator - Full Edition provides simulated OPC UA data for testing purposes without interruption!

OPC UA Universal Server

Discover how our OPC UA Universal Server can be built in minutes to collect data from a single or disparate sources supporting multiple protocols.

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