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OPCNet Broker HDA AE

Reduce the security attacks’ risks and get rid of DCOM vulnerabilities with OPCNet Broker HDA AE

Tired of DCOM issues complicating connectivity between your OPC systems? Or looking for an easy way to secure your OPC communications? OPCNet Broker HDA AE is the right solution for you. It ensures fast‚ reliable‚ and secures OPC remote communications, without the usual issues involved with DCOM configuration.

It’s an OPCNet Broker’s HDA  AE component.

This OPC tunneller HDA AE secures communications with the control network using a single port through a firewall. It guarantees data integrity by using data encryption to prevent attacks from hackers as well as user authentication. Moreover, this advanced tunneling solution is robust against network glitches by providing automated reconnection mechanisms and data compression features. This, consequently, reduces the costs and strains on your network during data transfers.

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OPCNet Broker HDA AE

Product Features

  • OPCNet Broker HDA AE is an easy-to-deploy and maintainable solution that allows you to:
  • Track client/server communications and limit the number of open ports within your firewalls to minimize security holes
  • Configure your communication scheme with less complexity
  • Connect OPC components from different domains‚ local area network and/or wide area networks to fully integrate your data and processes
  • OPCNet Broker HDA AE provides significant benefits including:
  • OPC HDA and AE data tunneling together in one comprehensive solution
  • Navigation through NAT, DMZ, firewalls and proxies without the hassle of DCOM configuration issues
  • Configurable call timeout so you can restart activities more quickly than with the mandatory 6 minute call timeout used with DCOM
  • Data transmission in a secure mode:
  • Data integrity by using encryption/decryption to prevent attacks from hackers
  • Data compression reduces the costs and strains on your network during data transfers
  • OPC automatic reconnection if the connection is interrupted due to a network glitch
  • Data recovery after communication glitches (OPC AE)
  • New feature: Easy management of OPC servers redundancy (active-active, active-passive)New

Operating System Compatibility

Windows XP

Windows Server 2003

Windows Seven

Windows Server 2008

Windows 8

Windows Server 2012

Windows 10

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022

Windows 11

OPC Compatibility

  • OPC Historical Data Access 1.20
  • OPC Historical Data Access 1.10
  • OPC Alarms and Events 1.10 (OPC Foundation Compliance Tested)

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