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OPC UA Server for DNP3

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DNP3 To OPC UA: Strengthen your IT OT integration with the OPC UA Server for DNP3

The OPC UA Server for DNP3 can connect to all Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) or IEEE standard 1815 compliant devices, including RTUs, IEDs, PLCs, telemetry systems, and transducers.

This OPC UA server simultaneously connects to and collect data from numerous devices utilizing one or more DNP3 channel, including:

• Network (Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP/IP)
• Serial

The OPC UA Server for DNP3  ensures a robust IT OT integration by establishing a reliable connection to a diverse range of devices and exposing their data through a standard OPC UA interface.

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OPC UA Server for DNP3

Product Features

  • Configurable alarms to support for OPC UA AC capability.
  • DNP slave backfilling in order to recover data gaps
  • Channel level redundancy
  • Polling engine that includes communication diagnostics, port configuration, external configuration, and poll management.
  • Compliance with cyber security requirements from ISA 99/IEC 62443


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