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OPC Client Toolkits

OPC .NET Client Toolkit
Rapid OPC Client programming in C# .Net is now possible with the Integration Objects OPC .NET Client Toolkit. Finally an easy to use OPC toolkit. Download now
OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight
The OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight is an easy way to develop applications that read and send real-time OPC data to StreamInsight. Download now!
OPC AE Client ActiveX
Download Integration Objects' OPC AE Client ActiveX for alarms and events to be able to quickly build web and VBA applications connecting to OPC AE servers.
OPC DA Client Toolkit
With Integration Objects' OPC DA Client Toolkit for C++, you will quickly add OPC DA connectivity to your application. Download now !
OPC HDA Client Toolkit
With OPC HDA Client Toolkit, add OPC HDA connectivity to your application easily. OPC Integration with VB and C++ made easy! Download free trial version!