IT/OT Convergence Across Industries: Process, Discrete, and Security

The fusion of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems is known as IT/OT convergence. While OT systems monitor events, processes, and devices and make modifications to business and industrial operations, IT systems are utilized for data-centric computing. Organizations need to know how to implement and manage new IT OT technologies as IT OT systems continue to spread across new industries; and that is the exact locus of this webinar.



IT OT Convergence – Capturing Value Securely

Hear industry thought leaders in IT/OT integration share their experience in different industries on the following:
Implement projects using best practices
Maximize operational value
Build in security
Join our panellist as they discuss their insights to these topics at the forefront of IT/OT integration, and its role in digital transformation of the industrial

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