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Integration Objects’ Success Stories to achieve Operational Excellence

Our success is best measured by the success of our clients. The relationships we value have been built on carefully listening to our customers and providing expert solutions that combine commercial software, innovative application frameworks, hardware, and engineering expertise.
Explore the following case studies that highlight a few of our clients’ success stories with our help. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we have provided for our clients.

Intelligent Border Fence Commissioned by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has always been implementing systems and practices to enhance capabilities to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction across borders in challenging geopolitical regions.
In order to create, integrate, and deploy the intelligent Common Operation Picture (iCOP), DTRA selected URS Corporation that contracted with Integration Objects due to the company’s leading position in building and deploying robust and secure mission critical decision support applications, pulling real-time data streams from multiple remote disparate field equipment and sensors.
The results were remarkable:
– Not a single crash has been reported since operations were initiated
– The system has enjoyed an extremely low False Alarm Rate/Nuisance Alarm Rate (FAR/NAR)
– History playback as the system facilitates detailed investigation of previous intrusions


Exchanging Control System Data Securely

The need to share process data between production sites, refinery, petrochemical, gas and utility plants has been increasing for the past decade. These plants and production sites are typically located in the same area and have the need to exchange feed stocks, naphtha, ethane and utilities streams such as hydrogen, electricity, water, steam, and fuel […]


Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plants goes beyond Business Intelligence


Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plants is the company’s biggest oil processing and crude stabilization facility. It is the main oil processing center for Arabian Extra Light and Arabian Light crude oils, with a capacity of more than 7 million bpd. It has three main processing operations: oil, NGL, and utilities.
Central to Saudi Aramco’s ambitious transformation into the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company is unlocking the potential of its workforce talent to not only maintain its global reputation as a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly producer, but also as an energy efficient operator.
In this perspective, the Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plants teamed up with Integration Objects to engineer and build a state-of-the-art solution that empowers users to:
• Monitor the entire plant energy consumption from a site-wide perspective, down to the equipment level.
• Automatically detect the plant state and operating modes, and adjust energy consumption targets accordingly and in real time.
• Identify energy performance gaps early.
• Isolate the root causes behind performance gaps using automatic root cause analysis and identification.
• Take corrective actions while enforcing best practices.

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Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plants partners with Integration Objects to optimize plant operations

As the world leader in crude oil production, Saudi Aramco’s operations span the globe and the energy industry. We run an extensive network of refining and distribution facilities and are responsible for the oil & gas processing and transportation installations that fuel Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector; thus contributing to Saudi Arabia’s status as the leading country for petroleum exportation. As our company’s largest oil processing facility and the largest crude stabilization plant in the world, the Abqaiq Plants facility plays a pivotal role for Saudi Aramco with our crude oil production capacity of more than 7 million barrels a day. Such extensive and sophisticated oil exploration, production and exportation require oil companies such as Saudi Aramco to use cutting edge technology because even a very short period of unforeseen operational downtime can result in the loss of millions of dollars. Fortunately, with the help of Integration Objects’ reliable and robust OPC products and integration services, the process, data and alarm management technologies at Saudi Aramco in general, and specifically at the Abqaiq Plants facility, are second to none in the oil industry.

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