SIOTH® - Smart IoT Highway Your all-in-one IT/OT integration platform

Easy-to-deploy, robust, scalable and secure.
Accelerate your digital transformation journey.

A new paradigm for IT OT integration

A robust IT OT integration platform for secure interoperability by unifying and structuring disparate and multiple IT and OT data sources.

Controls data flow from source to destination, on-premises & cloud.

Merges and combines multiple data formats into a single data model.

Supports most industry standard protocols and legacy systems.

Complies with industrial cybersecurity standards

All-in-one Platform

Single Data Model

SIOTH structures your data with the implementation of a single data model, allowing seamless exchange between ecosystems. By converging IT and OT and democratizing access to data, the platform empowers end users to access and transform information into intelligence.


SIOTH eliminates vulnerability to cyberattacks by enforcing: user authentication, data integrity and data encryption. The solution is compliant with industrial cyber security standards (ISA/IEC 62443) and can be deployed in the DMZ for an increased layer of protection.

Data Availability

Regardless of sources and destinations, SIOTH removes the burden of installing a new connector each time you need to move data. Regardless of your industry, the platform can handle multiple endpoints to be integrated in your system.


SIOTH is a scalable platform designed for multiple sites integration and mission-critical applications. It is a modular architecture that can be distributed in a cluster of nodes (physical or virtual), which allows you to scale up indefinitely, locally for a single site and globally interconnecting multiple sites.

Unified HMI: a single window for user interfaces


    Manage and supervise your system configuration in terms of data flows, devices connections, orchestration and nodes

    Monitor trends, health and status of your devices, on intuitive and customizable web based dashboards

    Monitor your operations using SCADA displays

    Generate and modify dashboards easily in a graphical designer environment to meet changing business and operating needs

Low Cost
Low Cost of Ownership
Scalable, All-in-One Platform
Secure Assets & Reliable Operations

Data centricity is key to a digital future.

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