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OPC Calculation Engine

Use OPC Calculation Engine to implement quick calculations on OPC data!

Integration Objects’ OPC Calculation Engine is a powerful OPC client to quickly configure and run calculations on top of OPC tag values. In fact, the OPC Calculator Engine collects real-time data from multiple OPC DA Servers connected in the network. Then, it performs multi-threaded calculations with the collected data as inputs.

This OPC calculation software performs robust calculations based on real-time data without putting your controls under stress. Indeed, it reduces the complexity of calculations and offers an easy and graphical way to update your operations.

Moreover, the user can write the calculations’ results to any OPC server or store them in a standard database. This database can be MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MS Access.

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OPC Calculation Engine

Product Features

  • A fully compliant OPC DA client
  • Browsing all local or remote OPC DA servers available within the network
  • Connection to one or more local and remote OPC DA servers at the same time
  • Browsing any OPC DA server address space
  • Synchronous and asynchronous data read and write requests
  • Real-time multi-threaded calculations
  • Write calculation results to any compliant OPC Server
  • Easy to use syntax editor with drag and drop capability to build calculations
  • Complete library of pre-defined calculation functions
  • Data transfer and archiving to any relational database
  • Continuous monitoring of the OPC and database servers’ connection
  • Automatic reconnection to OPC servers when the connection is lost
  • Automatic reconnection to database servers when the connection is lost
  • Windows Service capability
  • Log event display

Operating System Compatibility

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2012

Windows Seven

Windows 8

Windows 10

Windows Server 2016

OPC Compatibility

  • OPC Data Access 1.0a
  • OPC Data Access 2.00
  • OPC Data Access 2.05a
  • OPC Data Access 3.00


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