OPC Products


Overcome DCOM complexities and fortify your OPC data transfers using OPCNet Broker DA HDA AE by Integration Objects. Say goodbye to DCOM frustrations.

OPCNet Broker DA

Experience a hassle-free way to secure your OPC data with OPCNet Broker DA. Robust and easy to configure for data integrity

OPCNet Broker HDA

Say goodbye to DCOM issues with OPCNet Broker HDA. Secure, reliable, and easy-to-configure OPC historical data flow for hassle-free connectivity

OPCNet Broker AE

Simplify OPC alarms and events communication with OPCNet Broker AE. Secure, reliable, and easy-to-configure for hassle-free connectivity.

OPCNet Broker DA AE

OPCNet Broker DA AE is part of OPCNet Broker suite to secure remote OPC communications without using DCOM. Download your demo version now!

OPCNet Broker DA HDA

Secure OPC communications with ease using OPCNet Broker DA HDA. Say goodbye to DCOM issues and reduce costs during data transfers.

OPCNet Broker HDA AE

Simplify OPC data security with OPCNet Broker HDA AE. Safeguard your communications, reduce risks, and eliminate DCOM vulnerabilities with ease.

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