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Our team of engineers and domain experts with deep knowledge in automation technologies combined with process know-how and software development framework is ready to help you improve your operations no matter where you are located or what your needs are. Years of experience are reflected in working with decision support systems, systems integration, MES applications, telemetry, Plant automation, and out-of-box knowledge for oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power, and utilities industries around the globe.

Our Business

Integration Objects’ team of system integration consultants and engineers provides custom project development for any size plant or venture to help you optimize your asset availability, production cost savings, and overall plant safety. Our solutions are scalable, reliable, and are the result of actively listening to our customers’ needs and objectives.

Out of the box solutions: We offer smart operations applications that enable system-wide integration and the ability for companies to successfully implement applications that can capture, optimize, and share operational intelligence across the enterprise. These intelligent frameworks manage and monitor plant and operation processes and collect data and information, allowing operators and managers to pinpoint areas for process and profitability improvements. We also have reliable and affordable OPC software products that support our customized projects and smart operations applications. They are available for download  for companies looking for point-to-point industrial communication solutions. Whether utilizing our smart operations applications, connectivity solutions based on industry standards, or benefitting from our custom designed solutions that are created to fit your specific needs, Integration Objects´ products reinforce your IT infrastructure and help your business thrive. By working together, we can help you reach operations excellence.

Our Skills

Our highly effective team of consultants and engineers has decades of knowledge and experience in developing and deploying industrial, mission critical systems worldwide. We are dedicated to consistently providing professional, well documented, and high quality work that is based on paying careful attention to our customers’ enterprise objectives while gaining a thorough understanding of their business realities and manufacturing processes.

Our engineers have documented expertise in many fields in automation and IT technology:

  • Decision Support Systems
    Abnormal Conditions Management, Knowledge Capturing, Emergency Response Plans, Operation Optimization, Root Cause Analysis, Data Validation, and Reconciliation
  • Plant and Enterprise Performance Management
    Intelligent Key Performance Indicators, Enterprise Dashboards, Production, and Performance Reports
  • Distributed Control Systems
    SCADA, HMI, PLC, RTU, Historians, and Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Industrial Communication
    Fieldbus, Communication Standards & Protocols, Transmission Technologies, and Industrial Network Connectivity
  • Software Development Technologies
    COM/DCOM, OPC, OPC Tunneling, CORBA, XML/SOAP, .NET, ADO .NET, ODBC, and Web technologies
  • Hardware Consulting
    Services Commissioning, Compliance Testing, and Product Troubleshooting


Integration Objects provides cutting-edge, custom-designed projects, as well as high-quality and affordable connectivity solutions and smart operations applications for manufacturers in a variety of industries. Whatever your primary activities are and whatever your needs may be, our smart operations applications, customized system integration solutions, connectivity products based on OPC standards, technical support, and training sessions have been carefully developed to maximize your business, your mission, your goals, and your efficiency.

  • Oil and gas,
  • Refining and petrochemicals,
  • Cement,
  • Power and utilities,
  • Chemical,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Food and beverage,
  • Water,
  • Mining and minerals industries,
  • Defense,
  • and many others.


Integration Objects provides support for our customers across the globe through the services of our offices on multiple continents.

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