Integration Objects’ latest release: OPC UA Server Simulator for OPC UA real-time & historical data simulation

August 17, 2020

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its free OPC UA Server Simulator. This new version includes several fixes to bring you the most robust OPC UA simulation tool possible.

Our free edition of OPC UA Server Simulator allows end-users, developers and integrators to test and troubleshoot OPC UA Client applications and connections.
Moreover, the data simulation for this OPC UA Server tool is easily configurable via CSV files. Users can specify their variables, data types, data values as well as access rights, thereby helping reproduce several test cases and simulate production data.

OPC UA Server Simulator supports the following features:

  • Support of multiple connections with OPC UA Clients
  • Support of UA TCP and HTTPS transport protocols
  • Real-time data simulation for user-defined set of tags with different access rights
  • Historical raw data simulation for user-defined set of tags
  • Support of XML and Binary message encoding
  • Support of OPC UA clients requests to monitor real-time data and explore history data
  • Log event traceability
  • 48 hours runtime period

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