New Release: OPC UA Client Toolkit 2.0.0

January 10, 2024

Integration Objects Unveils New Features in the Latest Release of OPC UA Client Toolkit

Integration objects has released the latest version of its OPC UA Client Toolkit. This includes new features, several fixes, and performance improvements to provide you with the most effective product conceivable. The standout feature of this release is that we now support .NET Core and the latest .NET Framework versions, namely: .Net Core version 3.1 or higher and NET Framework version 4.6.1 or higher..

Key Features of OPC UA Client Toolkit

  • Efficient Connection Management:  Seamlessly handle both local and remote connections to multiple OPC UA servers  
  • Seamless Data Interaction:  Perform read/write requests of values from/to variables 
  • Real-time Data Monitoring:  Monitor real-time data as well as alarms and conditions  
  • Historical Data Exploration:  Explore and update historical data effortlessly 
  • Transport Protocol Support:  Support both UA TCP and HTTPs transport protocols 
  • Security Mode Support:  Accommodate various security modes including None, Sign, and Sign & Encrypt to meet diverse security requirements.

Download a free trial today and run a test to experience this new version.

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