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How to create process efficiencies in your plant? How to achieve the best response during abnormal conditions? How to capture and share operational knowledge? These topics and more are the center of Integration Objects' white papers:  

Achieve the best response during abnormal conditions


Abnormal conditions (process disturbances in plants or operations that deviate from optimal performance) that are not resolved quickly can definitively lead to incidents resulting in economic loss along with safety hazards and environmental issues. According to the Abnormal Situation Management ConsortiumΠsurvey of the US petrochemical industry, incidents are frequent and typically incur costs ranging from $100K to more than $1M per year. For example, one plant surveyed had 240 shutdowns per year totaling a cost of more than $8M.


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The power derived from automating root cause analysis

Plants and factories are growing increasingly larger and more complicated. Because of this high degree of complexity, operators are easily overloaded with analyzing and investigating large amounts of data to determine the root cause of problems. While searching for an answer, the problem may escalate and may result in a negative impact on production and a reduction in operating profits.


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Cyber security for industrial control network


Secure file transfer within your control network

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of its File Tunneller, a solution providing you with a secure method to exchange files over TCP/IP protocol. Using File Tunneller, you can automate files transfer between different machines in both your control and enterprise networks and exchange files with unmanned platforms.

File Tunneller is a firewall friendly software that ensures fast, reliable, and secure remote communication to transfer files between different domains, through both LAN and WAN networks.

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Are you getting the most out of your historical process data?


Connect with one of our experts to uncover hidden knowledge in your data


Send us a sample of your plant historical data and get a front seat to discover one of our new technologies designed to help users extract knowledge without the need of extensive information about the process.

Examples of uncovered knowledge are rules for process scenarios and operating modes detection, expert rules for abnormal situations prediction, recurrent patterns in alarm floods, benchmarking of equipment performance, etc. This experience can put you on the right path to build models for assets efficiency, for KPIs' dynamic targets and for data prediction.

The sample of historical data can be 3 months data related to a specific train, unit or equipment (turbine, compressor, furnace, etc.) in your plant. Still not sure where to start? Tell us about your project and objectives and we will gladly help you.


Microsoft gold partnership in Business Intelligence and application development


As a Microsoft gold partner, Integration Objects holds two Microsoft gold competencies covering Business Intelligence (now referred to as Data Analytics) and Application Development confirming its continuous commitment to deliver secure, reliable and high quality products. Integration Objects has extensive experience in building customer solutions for the process industry based on Microsoft products.


New OPC releases

OPCNet Broker now provides a buffering feature allowing users to recover data after communication glitches

OPC Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight now supports the latest versions of Microsoft StreamInsight


OPC HDA Server for Wonderware Historian supports Wonderware Historian 2014 and Wonderware Historian 2014 Patch1


OPC AE Archiver allows you to quickly build a complete historical record of your plantӳ alarms and events using MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle database



Check your annual software support status

To have access to the latest software updates and customer support, contact us to check if your annual software support is current and to know what it covers. You can also call us at +1 713 609 9208.


Technology partnership with Techedge

Integration Objects is happy to announce a technology partnership agreement with Techedge, aiming to better fit customer's needs in various sectors of industry.




Partner with us


We value the relationships with our esteemed partners. These relationships enable us to continuously improve our customer solutions. If you are interested in joining our network of system integrators partners, please contact us and submit your request and company brochure.



Integration ObjectsҠuniversity program

Integration ObjectsҠuniversity program provides universities with professional software at a reduced cost that help engineering students in building key skills required in their industrial careers and excelling in their projects and courses.

Please contact us to learn more about our university program.

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About Integration Objects

Integration Objects is a world-leading systems integrator and solutions provider specialized in operations and manufacturing intelligence, preventive detection of abnormal events, online diagnostics and root cause analysis, OPC connectivity, plant automation, knowledge management solutions, cyber security, and enterprise integration for power and utilities, as well as process and manufacturing industries around the globe. Our goal is to help our clients maximize plant safety, increase asset availability, and drive decision making process.

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