Use Integration Objects’ OPC UA based solutions to migrate to Industrial IoT

OPC has been very popular in the industry and it is becoming more popular with OPC UA, especially for Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things solutions implementation. Integration Objects provides scalable and robust OPC Unified Architecture based client, server and gateway solutions for cross-platform interoperability as well as adoption of OPC UA architecture in order to benefit from OPC UA data model and security features.

Our OPC UA and Industrial IoT based software are available for download and free trial purposes.

OPC UA Server Simulator
OPC UA Server Simulator is a free to use and distribute OPC UA tool provided to end users, developers and system integrators to test their OPC UA clients!
OPC UA Proxy
Download OPC UA Proxy now and discover how you can easily configure an OPC UA tunneller between your OPC UA servers & OPC Clients. OPC DA, HDA & AE support!
OPC UA Wrapper
OPC UA Wrapper is a full featured bridge between classic OPC servers and any OPC UA client and between OPC UA servers and any OPC classic client.
OPC UA Client
Download and use our OPC UA Client for free now in order to easily explore and view your OPC UA data and start your OPC UA migration tests!