December 2017

Improve your compressors reliability using Smart Compressor library

Integration Objects' Industry 4.0 webinar is available now

KnowledgeNet® (KNet) Smart Compressor is a ready-to-use software component that allows you to monitor, manage, analyze, and create visibility on the performance of compressors. It encapsulates years of expertise and process knowledge to preemptively alert operators about problems that could lead to costly shutdowns.

Did you miss our latest webinar on how to help your clients migrate to Industry 4.0? Watch the webcast to learn about our expertise in:

  • Industrial internet of things “IIoT”
  • Big data and artificial intelligence
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • And many more! 

Upgrade your legacy OPC systems to OPC Unified Architecture

OPC UA Wrapper is now empowered by comprehensive OPC UA proxy capabilities in order to create an end to end bridge between OPC and OPC UA. This release bridges the gap between classic OPC and OPC UA. It:

  • Enables the connection between OPC servers and OPC UA clients
  • Acts as a high performance OPC UA tunneller between OPC UA servers and any OPC classic client applications. 
  • And supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms.

Integration Objects is a world-leading systems integrator and advanced solutions provider for process automation, command and control centers, operational intelligence, industrial internet of things IIoT, cyber security, Big Data Analytics for enterprises, process, power and utilities industries, defense and governmental institutions. 

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