Help your Clients Migrate to Industry 4.0

Duration: 0:46:40
The world of industry is witnessing a profound digital transformation and we are introduced to the industry 4.0. As a result, the demand for digital products and services based on data analytics is increasing exponentially and it will drive a breakthrough revenue growth for leading system integrators. Integration Objects empowers you with the latest technologies to help your clients migrate to Industry 4.0. Watch our latest webinar to get deep insights into our expertise in:

  • Industrial internet of things “IIoT”
  • Big data and artificial intelligence
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Inter-operability and reliability solutions
  • Cyber security
  • Smart decision support systems

A New Approach to Drive Decision Support in Industry 4.0

Duration: 0:51:55

In this webinar, we will take you on a deeper dive into our cutting edge technologies and know how to achieve operational excellence while migrating to Industry 4.0. You will also get insights about the challenges and opportunities created by Industry 4.

Learn How Big Data and Analytics Deliver Practical Results with Significant ROIs

Duration: 1:00:34

Find out how you can use your data to gain a deep understanding of your dynamic processes quickly, maximize your operations reliability and efficiency,
and your asset availability. With machine learning and advanced analytics technology,
you can detect and predict incipient problems or KPI deviations, identify their root causes in real-time and prescribe the best corrective action.

A New Paradigm to Plant Asset Management

Duration: 1:01:28

Watch this webinar and learn more about our technology for plant asset management.
Discover now how you can predict abnormal conditions, take a proactive decision rather than a reactive one,
diagnose any related performance issue by automating root cause analysis in real time and harness your data to develop
a deep understanding of your plant asset performance and health.