White paper:

The power derived from automated root cause analysis

Executive Summary

  • Plants and factories today are growing increasingly larger and more complicated. Because of these complexities, operators are easily overloaded from analyzing and searching large amounts of information to determine the root cause of problems. During the time taken to search for an answer, the problem may escalate and result in a negative impact for production and a reduction in operating profits.
  • All companies experience problems that interrupt operations. According to studies, the cost of plant downtime can be anywhere between $2,500 per hour to $12,500 per hour, and even up to $250,000 per day for some oil wells. Not to mention, the costs incurred from lost time of production due to wasted man-hours and idle energy consumption.
  • Experienced human troubleshooters know that in a complex environment with multiple variables, multiple faults may have led to the symptoms which indicated a problem. Therefore, complex process environments are demanding an automated root cause analysis approach which will empower operators with an immediate corrective action. To be effective, an automated root cause analysis approach requires an intelligent framework.
  • Integration Objects has created a modern intelligent framework through its KnowledgeNet (KNet) platform and modules which enable automated root cause analysis and real time diagnosis with embedded predictive features. The deployment of KNet and its tools manage abnormal conditions from detection all the way through resolution for optimal performance. This methodology allows the problem-to-resolution cycle time to be reduced and consequently leads to increased savings and a higher return on investment (ROI).
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