Our project managers have years of experience in planning, executing, and delivering diverse high quality services and turn-key projects. The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the client and to form close links with the nominated representatives is our way of ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality, and client satisfaction are realized. We have delivered numerous projects involving DCS, SCADA and PLC systems, MES, data reconciliation, and scheduling/planning.

Defense Applications

Gather Operational Intelligence through an Integrated Surveillance Platform Despite extensive investment in border security by nation-states, transnational illicit activities and undocumented immigration continue worldwide. Border control and remote monitoring remain a challenge, and securing national borders is of growing importance in today’s volatile landscape. Government entities are looking for reliable detection and identification solutions to […]

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Systems Integration

Integration Objects is a leader in system integration and specialized in delivering connectivity solutions between real-time systems, applications, and devices, improving their interoperability, and enabling a scalable, secure and maintainable communication infrastructure.

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Manufacturing Operations Management

Integration Objects has an extensive expertise in building solutions for manufacturing operations management and in helping companies measure and control activities in the production areas to maximize performance and reach operational excellence.

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Consulting Services

Integration Objects´ team of engineers and domain experts have worked across the globe assisting some of the largest companies in the oil & gas, power, and utilities industries today.

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Industrial Cybersecurity

Industrial Cyber Security Integration Objects collaborated and worked closely with several manufacturing companies, energy, oil and gas plants and utilities in securing their industrial control systems, the integration between business networks and process automation networks as well as their data exchange with third parties’ systems. By combining our industrial networking and cybersecurity expertise, we developed […]

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