Systems Integration

System integration
Integration Objects - Leader in System Integration

Integration Objects is a leader in systems integration and specialized in delivering connectivity solutions between real-time systems, applications, and devices, improving their interoperability, and enabling a scalable, secure and maintainable communication infrastructure.

We have extensive expertise with SCADA systems, PLC, DCS, RTU, Industrial Robotics and Instrumentations, databases, and process historians of leading vendors as well as recognized know-how in OPC, communications, and advanced control functionalities. These advantages allow us to achieve excellence in designing and delivering reliable process control solutions in markets as diverse as utility, energy, oil & gas, petrochemical, manufacturing industries, etc.
For many years, we have been solving our customers’ complex issues of data integration, information access, and process control by engineering recognized solutions pledging valuable services, prolific software and hardware products at competitive rates. In our work, we mainly base our system integration solutions and services on industrial communication standards such as OPC, Fieldbus, VSAT, radio, etc.
In fact, in recognition of our demonstrated commitment to greater interoperability between field systems/devices, automation/control applications, and management/office applications, we have been a long-term member of the OPC foundation (
Our clients rely on the competence and experience of our highly skilled and dedicated team of consultants and engineers who have decades of experience in developing and deploying industrial systems in critical mission environments in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

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See how we can help you solve your systems integration issues

Our system integration services help you address critical business, security, and operational needs and include:

  • Requirements specification
  • Solution architecture design and management
  • Technology consulting
  • Systems revamping
  • Implementation and training support
  • Project management
  • Solution testing
  • Acceptance tests