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The Game-Changing IoT Platform for Secure IT/OT Data Transfer

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are continually looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage. One of the ways they are doing this is by embracing Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

However, this presents a challenge for many companies that operate in the industrial sector. The reason is that their OT (Operational Technology) networks are typically isolated from their IT (Information Technology) networks.

OT networks are used to control and monitor physical processes, such as those found in manufacturing plants, while IT networks are used to manage data and communication. The separation between these two networks is mainly due to security concerns.

OT networks are designed to be secure, and any attempt to access them from outside the network can lead to serious security risks. This makes it challenging for companies to fully embrace Industry 4.0 and digital transformation since they cannot integrate their IT and OT networks.

However, not integrating IT and OT networks prevents companies from maintaining their competitiveness in the market.

This is where Integration Objects’ SIOTH® platform comes in. SIOTH®  is designed to address this issue by allowing the transfer of values to OT networks while still complying with the firewall rules of allowing one-way communication, which is to subscribe to data in the DMZ rather than receiving data.

Such configuration is a game changer as not only does it fully protect the OT network, but it will also allow complete IT/OT convergence.

SIOTH® uses a publish-subscribe model for real-time data exchange, allowing it to collect data from a wide range of sources and transfer it to other destinations such as IT applications in the cloud or on-premises including but not limited to production and energy optimization, OPC UA servers, MQTT brokers and ERPs.

The IoT platform also provides the option of having a decision support system through its web-based dashboards and smart SCADA graphical components empowering end-users with informed decisions.

SIOTH® can be used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, energy, and smart cities to name a few.

In the case of the Oil & Gas industry, SIOTH®  can be used to monitor remote oil rigs, pipelines, and other equipment. Furthermore, SIOTH® can collect real-time data on equipment performance, temperature, pressure, and other variables. This data can then be analyzed to predict abnormal situations and optimize operations.

What is SIOTH®?

SIOTH®, or Smart IoT Highway, is a scalable integration platform designed to allow the exchange of data securely between OT devices and systems, on-premises IT applications and the cloud SIOTH®  leverages advanced technologies such as AI, by integrating a smart rule engine and machine learning models, to predict abnormal behavior of the entire  IoT ecosystem.
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SIOTH® ‘s Unique Features

One of SIOTH®’s most unique features is its ability to tunnel through firewalls and securely transfer data between the IT and OT networks. This is an important feature for companies looking to integrate their IoT devices into their existing IT infrastructure, as it ensures that data can be downloaded to the OT network while respecting firewall unidirectional dataflow rules and cyber security industry standards such as ISA/IEC 62443.

In addition to its data transfer capabilities, SIOTH®  uses a publish-subscribe model to enable real-time data exchange between IoT devices and applications. With this model, IoT devices publish their data to a specific topic, and applications subscribe to the topics they are interested in. When a device publishes new data on a topic, all subscribed applications receive that data in real time.

SIOTH® also provides users with a centralized dashboard that displays real-time data from all connected IoT devices. This dashboard can be customized to display the data that is most relevant to the user’s needs, making it easy to quickly identify trends, spot anomalies, and take corrective action.

SIOTH® vs. Other IoT Platforms

When compared to other IoT platforms on the market, SIOTH® stands out for its unique features and advanced capabilities.

Many other IoT platforms require users to manually download data from their IoT devices for analysis using third-party tools. This can be a time-consuming process that may not provide users with the real-time insights they need to effectively manage their IoT ecosystems.

SIOTH® is highly scalable. Once installed it can be extended indefinitely regardless of size and without the need to redo a new installation and configuration. Each customer application requires only one connector, which to SIOTH®, thus alleviating the need for multiple connectors for each application, thus reducing the number of point of failures significantly as well as the complexity of the architecture.

SIOTH®, on the other hand, provides users with a single Web HMI, known as UHMI (Unified HMI), to configure and maintain your applications and connectors, and build end-user man-machine interfaces with its drag and drop dashboard and SCADA graphical components.

Lastly, it offers a data model configuration environment that maps the data sources such that it is consumed by the receiving applications eliminating to restructuring the data for each application.

In SIOTH® you can graphically define the data flows from its data sources to its destinations with minimum configuration efforts. You can also combine and merge multiple protocols for translation one at a time or simultaneously; for example, have Modbus, DNP, and OPC Classic data sources merged all in a single OPC UA server and an MQTT broker.

SIOTH® can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, mining and minerals, pharmaceuticals and smart cities, and many other industries.


Integration Objects’ SIOTH®  platform is a powerful tool for managing and optimizing IoT ecosystems.

SIOTH® ‘s ability to securely transfer data between IT and OT networks, use a publish-subscribe model for real-time data exchange, and provide a centralized dashboard for real-time data monitoring and analytics sets it apart from other IoT platforms on the market.

With SIOTH®, companies can effectively monitor the operation and control their IoT devices. Furthermore, by allowing the transfer of values to OT networks while still complying with firewall rules, SIOTH®  enables companies to fully embrace Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. This helps companies maintain their competitiveness in the market by fully converging IT/OT while keeping the OT network secure.
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