Topic 10:
Cloud Native IOT Data Acquisition Platform


Cloud computing plays a pivotal role in driving the transformation of industries in the era of Industry 4.0. By providing scalable, secure, and flexible infrastructure, cloud computing platforms enable businesses to acquire, store, and process colossal volumes of data generated by smart devices and sensors while maintaining high performance and minimal downtime. For this reason, Industry 4.0 solution providers seek to leverage cloud computing to unlock the full potential of their products.
Within this context, we propose this end-of-studies internship project that revolves around the design and implementation of a cloud native IoT data acquisition platform. This platform will acquire data from different devices using prominent IoT communication protocols such as MQTT, and it will store it using data storage technologies such as SQL databases. It will be designed to reside in the cloud from the start, based on a loosely coupled, containerized, microservices architecture, and will take into consideration load balancing, cloud security, redundancy, high availability, and secure access to devices through VPN technology. The intern will be asked to:

  • Perform a literature review to understand
    • Cloud computing
    • Cloud services
    • Microservices
    • Containerization
    • IoT communication protocols
    • Data storage technologies
  • Identify the cloud computing services to be used.
  • Outline the services to be implemented. Define the deployment strategy.
  • Implement and deploy the prototype.

The intern will learn about cloud computing, software architecture, microservices, containerization, Internet of Things (IoT), VPN technology, cloud security, and development in a .NET environment.


At the end of the internship the intern shall deliver a finalized product with source code and documentation:

Source code.
Test & development tools used during the internship.
Documentation: project report, design documents, and test reports.
Key Words:

Industry 4.0, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), software architecture, microservices, containerization, cloud security, VPN technology, load balancing, high availability, C#/.NET, MQTT, SQL.

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