Topic 2 :
Secure REST Framework Complying with the Latest Cyber Security Measures


To bring a comprehensive solution to IT-OT integration challenges, Integration Objects provides a new IoT platform, Smart IoT Highway (SIOTH®). SIOTH provides protocol conversion capabilities by supporting and managing different industrial protocols, data buffering and storing into different databases as well as a reasoning engine for rules and workflows execution.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Industrial Internet of
Things (IIoT), ensuring seamless communication between devices and systems while maintaining robust cybersecurity is of paramount importance. This project endeavors to design and implement a highly secure REST framework, incorporating the latest cyber security measures, best practices and standards. The REST framework will serve as a vital component within SIOTH®, enhancing its capabilities and improving the overall security of data exchange.

The intern will have the opportunity to learn about internet of
things, protocols, cyber security, RESTful API communication and programming in .NET environment.


At the end of the internship, the intern shall deliver a finalized product with source codes, and documentation including:

Test and development tools used during the internship.
Documentation: project report, design documents, and test reports.
Key Words:

REST Client, REST Server, cyber security, OAuth 2.0, OAuth1.0, API Key Authentication, JWT, TLS/SSL Encryption, Hawk Authentication, NTLM Authentication, Akamai EdgeGrid, Secure API.

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