Topic 13:
Audit Trail and Versioning Module for SIOTH


Smart IOT Highway (SIOTH®) is a scalable and modular IoT platform for data exchange and transformation purposes. Its main purpose is to securely transfer and monitor efficiently massive amounts of data from thousands of devices simultaneously. It establishes secure end-to-end pipelines to collect and orchestrate data from edge, IoT devices or any data source system and transfer data to any application, cloud and vice versa, as well as configure data flows to meet business applications requirements.
During the engineering of applications based on SIOTH, new challenges related to the configuration tracking over time and for all users arise to meet new business use cases and optimize the collaborative work. Within this framework, we propose this end of studies project to research and design the best fit solution for tracking changes over the user implementation and offer a way to review, download, and apply different application versions within SIOTH.
The intern will be asked to perform a literature review to understand audit trailing and versioning systems as well as design and implement and integrate the versioning system in SIOTH.
The intern will learn about versioning systems, audit trail and programming un
.NET environment.


At the end of the internship, the intern shall deliver a finalized product with source codes, an install and documentation:

Design documents and sketches
Test tools
Documentation: user guide, project report, and test reports
Key Words:

IT-OT integration, dashboards, Balanced Scorecard, KPI, .Net,Angular.

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