Topic 16 :
Design & Implementation of MQTT Sparkplug proxy for Industrial IoT Platform


To bring a comprehensive solution to IT-OT integration challenges, Integration Objects provides a new IoT platform, Smart IoT Highway (SIOTH®). SIOTH provides protocol conversion capabilities by supporting and managing different industrial protocols, data buffering and storing into different databases.

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to an increased demand for robust and reliable communication systems. MQTT Sparkplug, a specification for MQTT enabled devices and applications, has emerged as a key player in this domain. This end-of-studies project, titled “Design & Implementation of MQTT Sparkplug Proxy for Industrial IoT Platform”, aims to enhance the capabilities of IoT platforms by implementing a MQTT Sparkplug proxy.

The MQTT Sparkplug proxy will serve as a bridge between the MQTT broker and the SIOTH UHMI, This allows users to establish a connection, explore, and visualize both real-time and historical data. Additionally, it provides the ability to configure tags, alarms, and history. The solution is composed of both a backend and frontend application, offering a complete user interface for seamless interaction with the MQTT broker.

The intern will learn all about Internet of Things (IoT), communication protocols such as MQTT, Sparkplug specification, cyber security and programming in the .NET environment and the Angular framework.

Scope Of Work:
Research an MQTT protocol
Design and implementation of MQTT proxy solution (Backend + Frontend )

At the end of the internship, the intern shall deliver :

Source code
Test tools
Documentation: user guide, project report, and test reports
Key Words:

Internet of Things (IoT), MQTT, Sparkplug , Cyber security, .NET/C#, Angular, Microservice.

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