Remote asset and process data monitoring

The onset of COVID-19 is bringing a variety of business continuity challenges. With the growing need to remote work, users’ requirements for remote asset and process data monitoring increase.
Therefore, it is essential to set in motion automatic data management functionalities that will ensure data availability and help safeguard data integrity.

We can help you do it in few steps!

Monitor your asset and process data remotely using opc easy archiver

You can deploy Integration Objects’ OPC Easy Archiver and transfer OPC DA, HDA & AE data to the cloud by logging them to Azure SQL. This data transfer can be configured based on data changes or time period.

OPC Easy Archiver provides Store and Forward capability to ensure data delivery and recovery even over poor quality network communications.


OPC Easy Archiver
OPC Easy Archiver collects also real-time, historical and alarms & events messages from multiple OPC DA/HDA/AE Servers and stores them into standard database (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, etc.) or CSV files. Learn More>>

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