Remote work requirements during COVID-19 outbreak: Secure file transfer with your control network and via DMZ.

As remote work requirements and especially ones related to files retrieval from critical networks increase, users more than ever face cybersecurity and potential vulnerabilities challenges.
Integration Objects provides File Tunneller as a solution to enforce security when exchanging files over TCP-based network. This tunneller is a firewall friendly software that ensures fast, reliable, and secure remote communications to transfer files between different domains, LAN, WAN, VSAT, VPN and NAT.

Integration Objects' File tunneller

The File Tunneller includes the following features:

  • Support of multiple connections and transfers.
  • Secure communications: Track and encrypt client/server communications and so ensuring data integrity and confidentiality
  • User authentication
  • Communications through a single and configurable TCP port
  • Robustness against network disruptions
  • Scheduling files transfers on daily, weekly or monthly basis or on a configurable time period

Learn more about Integration Objects’ File Tunneller:

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