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Transfer your RTU/PLC Data to the Cloud

Do you need to transfer your PLC and RTU data to the Cloud for monitoring and analysis purposes?

Most of the industries are now moving their processes into the cloud. One important process is to collect machine data in an effective and secure way. Moving signal collection processes to the cloud instead of on premise raises many worries about performance and security.

In light of this, we provide an integrated solution based on our OPC Client for MQTT and OPC Server for Modbus products to gather your PLC and RTU data via Modbus TCP or serial in real-time and transfer those data to MQTT Brokers or to Azure IoT Hub via MQTT. The MQTT Brokers can be deployed on premises or on the Cloud.

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This solution enables users to:

  • Transfer Modbus data in real-time to the Azure IoT Hub or any MQTT Broker available on the cloud of your network.
  • Support multiple Modbus TCP and serial devices connections.
  • Support MQTT protocol versions 3.1 and 3.1.1.
  • Ensure data delivery by providing store and forward and automatic reconnection capabilities to handle network disconnections.
  • Automatic reconnection to the configured Modbus TCP and serial devices after network glitches.
  • Windows services capability.

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