March 2018

OPC UA Wrapper: a plug & play OPC add-on product  to optimize the interoperability of your industrial systems

Independent of any manufacturer, OPC UA Wrapper ensures secure and reliable interoperability between OPC and OPC UA while integrating multiple wide-spread systems. This OPC UA tunnelling solution can:

  • Connect OPC UA clients to any OPC Classic Servers.
  • Connect OPC Classic clients to any OPC UA servers.
  • Read and write OPC item values, read historical data, read and acknowledge alarms and events.
  • Manage security, authentication settings and certificates.
  • And support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Improve your assets health & reliability using Smart Equipment

KnowledgeNet® (KNet) Smart Equipment modules are ready-to-use software components with years of process knowledge in operating and optimizing process critical assets. They were developed on top of Integration Objects’ KnowledgeNet® platform for real-time monitoring, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and root cause identification of process issues, thus ultimately guiding operators to more efficient decisions. For example, the Smart Boiler module is available for deployment with a complete standard set of KPIs, predictive models, expert rules and fault trees that can be easily customized and extended to match your needs. 

This module can predict and diagnose abnormal conditions such as:

  • Low boiler efficiency
  • Low steam production
  • Leak in steam tubes
  • High craft losses
  • High excess air

Benefits of deploying such applications include increase of process performance, safety and asset reliability. 

Integration Objects is world-leading industry 4.0 solutions provider for command & control centers, operational intelligence, industrial internet of things IIoT, cyber security, predictive and prescriptive analytics for enterprises, process, power and utilities industries, defense and governmental institutions.

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