[Video Tutorials] Migration from OPC Classic to UA and Vice-versa

Standardized and secure communication from the field device to the cloud is considered key for the implementation of Industry 4.0, and is the function of the OPC UA protocol.

Integration Objects’ OPC UA Wrapper helps you make a smooth transition to the IIoT and Industry 4.0 by seamlessly integrating OPC UA servers and clients with OPC Classic architecture. This OPC UA tunneling solution ensures secure and reliable OPC Classic-to-OPC UA bridging and vice-versa.

The demo videos provide an overview of Integration Objects’ OPC UA Wrapper, and demonstrate the steps to convert OPC Classic to UA and vice-versa.

opc ua wrapper demoopc-ua-proxy-demo
How to configure OPC UA Wrapper for OPC UA to OPC Classic communications
How to configure OPC UA Proxy for OPC Classic to OPC UA communications

This OPC UA tunneling solution has the capability to:

  • Connect to local and remote OPC Classic servers
  • Connect to local and remote OPC UA servers
  • Read and write OPC item values
  • Read historical data
  • Read and acknowledge alarms and events
  • Manage security, authentication settings and certificates
  • Support of UA TCP and HTTP transport protocols
  • Support of HTTPS transport protocol for the proxy feature
  • OPC UA Proxy alias configuration functionality allowing users to define friendly tag names for the nodeIds
  • Log event traceability

Download the 30-Day free trial version of OPC UA Wrapper >>https://integrationobjects.com/opc-products/opc-tunneling/opc-ua-wrapper/

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