Integration Objects to unveil its Unified KnowledgeNet IIoT Platform

February 14, 2018

Houston, TX: Integration Objects has unveiled its Unified KnowledgeNet Industrial Internet of Things Platform, empowering manufacturers with remote connectivity, prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence in real time to upgrade to Industry 4.0 for more efficient and profitable operations.

By 2020, the global industrial market expects to have over 50 Billion connected devices for which information will be transmitted to global servers to consolidate operational control rooms, and at the same time highly accessible through laptops, desktops, tablets and phone devices.

With this exponential growth of Internet of Things, manufacturing companies and process industries need to upgrade to Industry 4.0 and smart factory standards to remain competitive for the next five years and beyond.

“Unified KnowledgeNet Industrial Internet of things Platform creates a significant shift in how plants run their operation, monitor assets and processes to avoid harmful and costly abnormal conditions, and optimize their production,” said Samy Achour, CEO of Integration Objects. “Before they do occur, deviations are detected online by expert rules, pattern recognition, predictive models and precise corrective actions are delivered to prevent it from happening. With this added lead time, plant managers, reliability and maintenance team switch from reactive to proactive mode.”

Based on an IoT platform architecture, KNet IIoT extracts a large amount of data from assets based on OPC Unified Architecture standards integrating multiple wide-spread systems into a cohesive whole. Then offline and online machine learning algorithms are applied for disturbances detection from the best base pattern leading to advanced predictive and prescriptive models that feeds an online artificial intelligence layer to convert this data into knowledge and actionable decisions with minimum human interactions. With the Unified KnowledgeNet platform, customers will no longer have to worry about purchasing multiple point solutions and maintaining multiple disparate software systems with compatibility issues and different look and feel. KnowledgeNet is field-proven to be highly intuitive and user friendly, and with off-the-shelf industry vertical plug in frameworks, which empower customers with faster and smoother deployment. For more information, visit:


Integration Objects is a world-leading digital company for industry 4.0 advanced solutions in machine learning and predictive analytics, integrated command & control centers, operational intelligence, industrial internet of things (IIoT), and cyber security and Big Data Analytics, process for the power and utilities industries, defense and governmental institutions. For more information, visit

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