Integration Objects’ latest release: OPCNet Broker for secure remote OPC Classic-to-Classic communications and data transfer

September 21, 2020

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its OPCNet Broker. This version includes several fixes, performance and feature improvements to provide an ideal OPC tunnelling solution.

Integration Objects’ OPCNet Broker is the right choice to bypass DCOM complexity, limitations and security vulnerabilities, and to ensure fast, reliable and secure remote OPC Classic-to-Classic communications. This OPC tunnelling solution allows you to:

  • Transmit data in a secure mode using data encryption, user authentication and a single TCP port
  • Configure your communication schema with less complexity
  • Track client/server communications and limit the number of opened ports within your firewalls to a single TCP port and consequently minimize security holes.
  • Connect OPC components from different domains
  • Define access privilege policies for OPC servers and OPC tags using OPC Tag Security add-on
  • Navigation through NAT, DMZ, firewalls and proxies without the hassle of DCOM configuration issues
  • Support OPC DA, HDA and AE
  • Define a white list for trusted OPC client applications
  • Data recovery after communication glitches
  • Manage OPC servers redundancy (active-active)

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