Integration Objects’ OPC Latest Release: OPC Server for SNMP for proactive monitoring of SNMP enabled devices!

March 5, 2020

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of the new version of OPC Server for SNMP.
This SNMP OPC Server offers a full monitoring of SNMP enabled devices such as workstations, servers, switches, Uninterrupted Power Supply systems (UPS), PLC, routers, etc. from any OPC compliant application. Moreover, it is able to receive trap messages from manageable devices which reduces traffic between the SNMP agents and the server.

The OPC Server for SNMP provides the following features:

  • Monitoring of an unlimited number of devices from different vendors using the SNMP protocol
  • Support of SNMP version 1, version 2c and version 3
  • Capturing alerts messages via SNMP traps
  • Support of Authentication Protocol (MD5-SHA1) and Privacy Protocol (DES-AES)
  • Easy configuration of the devices to be monitored (graphical configuration tool, duplicate multiple devices, create tags offline, etc.)
  • Support of multiple OPC DA client connections
  • Windows service capability

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