Integration Objects’ OPC UA Latest Release: Embed an OPC UA Client Module into your System and Benefit from Free Runtime Distribution

January 24, 2020

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of the new version of OPC UA Client Toolkit product.

This OPC UA toolkit is a tool for fast and easy programming of OPC UA client applications using the .NET framework. It enables developers, OEM and system integrators to embed all the main functionalities needed for an OPC UA Client software into their applications. The resulted applications support OPC UA information models for data access, alarms & events, and historical data access.

The OPC UA client toolkit has the capability to:

  • Support of OPC UA specifications. This toolkit is fully compliant with OPC UA 1.02.
  • Discovery of OPC UA servers available on the network.
  • Managing local and remote connections to multiple OPC UA Servers
  • Creating secure session with OPC UA Server
  • Browsing OPC UA Server address space
  • Managing UA subscriptions
  • Monitoring real-time data and alarms & conditions,
  • Exploring and updating history data.
  • Support of the call method and fetch arguments method
  • Certificates Management
  • Support of 32 and 64 bit applications
  • Royalty free runtime distribution
  • Support of Visual Studio 2013 and higher (VB .NET & C# .NET)

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