New Release: OPC .NET Client Toolkit 3.0.0

January 11, 2024

Integration Objects Unveils New Features in the Latest Release of OPC .NET Client Toolkit 3.0.0

Integration objects has released the latest version of its OPC .NET Client Toolkit. This includes several fixes, performance and feature improvements to provide you with the most effective product conceivable. The standout feature of this release is that we now support .NET Core for your OPC Classic client applications development.

Key Features of the OPC .NET Client Toolkit 3.0.0:

  • Efficient Development: Accelerate OPC client development in the .NET environment
  • Free Runtime Distribution: Share applications at runtime without additional costs . The toolkit is licensed per development machine.
  • Versatility: Access real-time data, historical data, alarms, and events supporting OPC DA, HDA, and OPC AE specifications
  • Reduced Development Costs: Manage all of the OPC specifications implementation details so the developer can focus on the specifics of his application.
  • Integrated Development Environment Support: Work efficiently with support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and higher, catering to both VB .NET and C# .NET developers

Download a free trial today and run a test to experience this new version.

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