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Reliability Expert System offers an innovative approach for failures detection, tracking, reporting, analysis, and prediction. Our Reliability Expert combines automated root cause analysis, reliability analysis and remaining useful life prediction. This solution helps operations make informed decisions. It allows them to maximize asset availability, minimize costs and risks, and optimize spare parts management. The packaged solution is built on top of Integration Objects’ KnowledgeNet (KNet) platform, thus benefits from the graphical and flexible environment of KNet.

Reliability Expert system helps you get the best out of your assets

Key Features

  • Automate failure management process and corrective actions through a powerful workflow engine
  • Timely notify key personnel of main failure events / maintenance actions
  • Provide statistical reporting and intuitive graphical visualization.
  • Manage Key Reliability Performance Indicators
  • Predict assets failures based on online reliability analysis (such as Weibull, Exponential, Logistic, and Gumbel)
  • Provide real-time condition based maintenance actions (CBM)
  • Automate root cause analysis
  • Real-time update of failure databases using fault-tree models results

Key Benefits

Cost effective maintenance actions

Streamlined reporting activities and corrective actions

Optimized spare parts management

Increased asset availability

Asset instantaneous reliability assessment for better visibility on assets health

Early warnings for predicted asset failures

Greater visibility on maintenance actions efficiency

Easy and quick application deployment and extension

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