Integration Objects’ OPC UA Latest Release: Simulate your OPC UA data without interruption!

February 28, 2020

Integration Objects is pleased to announce the release of the new version of OPC UA Server Simulator – Full Edition. It is an OPC Unified Architecture server utility that allow end-users, developers and integrators to test OPC UA Client applications without interruption.
This OPC UA Server tool provides simulated real-time and historical data so that OPC UA clients can monitor real-time data and explore history data. Moreover, users can configure the simulation by simply setting up their tags and the data simulation via CSV files.

The OPC UA Server Simulator – Full Edition provides the following features:

  • Support of multiple connections with OPC UA Clients
  • Support of UA TCP and HTTPS transport protocols
  • Graphical user interface allowing users to monitor current sessions, configure ports and user accounts
  • Support of XML and Binary message encoding
  • Support of None, Basic256SHA256 and Basic 256 security policies
  • Real-time data simulation for user-defined set of tags with different access rights
  • Support of OPC HDA client read and update requests
  • Support of OPC DA synchronous and asynchronous client read/write requests
  • Historical raw data simulation for user-defined set of tags
  • Support of Anonymous and UserName user authentication modes
  • Log event traceability

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