Digital Transformation

Surveillance Expert System Provides Operations Intelligence for Command & Control Centers

Surveillance Expert System provides operators in military control and command centers with a consistent and reliable solution to assist them in making critical decisions in their daily operations and missions. This advanced decision support solution offers:

Online intrusions detection and tracking in a visual environment allowing operators to maintain a shared situation awareness in real-time.

Intelligent operational performance dashboards and analytics using data visualization, correlations, and KPIs.

Infrastructure health monitoring including network equipment, servers, radars, camera, diesel generators, solar panels and thus allowing operators to predict issues on their assets before they impact the surveillance system availability.

Collaborative environment for real-time notifications, operations advisories, corrective actions, and best practices, using interactive workflows.

Integrate disparate data sources and different data formats such as documents, flat files, data signals, videos, images and live feed. Data collection can be established via UHF, VHF, Wi-Max, VSAT, LANs, WANs and VPN

Surveillance Expert System

Key Benefits

Maximize situational awareness by providing common operator pictures, real-time notifications and shared intelligence dashboards

Improve operations efficiency by helping operators focus on key issues such as intrusions, asset problems, cyber security threats and system unavailability

Support command decisions and empower operations to evaluate threats based on real-time data

Improve the reaction time of air, land, naval and joint forces from detection to interception

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