September 2017

Maximize the performance of your operations with our prescriptive analytics software

An innovative approach of how to maximize the efficiency of your plant assets

Bringing operations to its best performance can be a challenging task. Integration Objects provides you with the latest technologies to help you identify where your KPIs should be and to show you how to get there. With the latest release of KNet Analytics, the best performance of your operations is only a few clicks away.

A poor performing asset such as a compressor or a turbine can cause a drop in production, quality issues, and sometimes all the way to creating safety related problems. Discover an innovative approach to address plant assets issues using out of the box technologies.

Download OPC AE Archiver to collect and store OPC AE data into NoSQL database!

The latest release of OPC AE Archiver collects and stores your OPC AE data into any ODBC or ADO compliant database in few clicks. Also, OPC AE Archiver supports Cassandra and CrateDB providers. You will have a complete historical record of your plant’s events and alarms thus empowering you with sequence of events. This OPC AE data collector solution also provides you with a broader perspective of plant activities which can help you to improve your plant performance.

Integration Objects is a world-leading systems integrator and advanced solutions provider for process automation, command and control centers, operational intelligence, industrial internet of things IIoT, cyber security, Big Data Analytics for enterprises, process, power and utilities industries, defense and governmental institutions. 

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