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OPC UA Bridge

OPC UA Bridge for secure and reliable OPC tunneling

Standardized and secure communication from the field device to the cloud is considered key for the implementation of Industry 4.0.
Integration Objects’ OPC UA Bridge helps you make a smooth transition to the IoT and Industry 4.0. It ensures seamless integration for OPC UA and OPC Classic architectures. More specifically, it ensures secure and reliable OPC Classic-to-OPC UA bridging and vice-versa.

Moreover, this OPC bridge tunnels through firewalls to connect classic OPC servers and clients. This eliminates DCOM bottlenecks and vulnerabilities, and enables networked OPC systems to access real-time data‚ historical data, alarms and events without the usual frustrations involved with DCOM configuration.

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OPC UA Bridge

Product Features

  • Connect to local and remote OPC Classic servers
  • Connect to local and remote OPC UA servers
  • Read and write OPC item values
  • Read historical data
  • Read and acknowledge alarms and events
  • Manage security, authentication settings and certificates
  • Support of UA TCP and HTTP transport protocols
  • Support of HTTPS transport protocol for the proxy feature
  • Transmit data in a secure mode using data encryption, user authentication and a single TCP port
  • Configure your communication schema with less complexity and the TCP port number used for your communications
  • Track client/server communications and limit the number of opened ports within your firewalls to a single TCP port and so minimize security holes
  • Connect OPC components from different domains
  • Define access privilege policies for OPC servers and down to the OPC tags level using Tag Security add-on
  • Define a white list for trusted OPC client applications
  • Manage OPC servers’ redundancy


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