Secure OPC DA remote communications without DCOM

Searching for an easy and secure solution for classic OPC and DCOM? Tired of OPC DCOM issues complicating your efforts to connect your OPC systems? Integration Objects’ OPCNet Broker DA ensures fast‚ reliable, and secure OPC remote communications by overcoming DCOM bottlenecks.

This advanced OPC tunneling solution provides users with a robust and secure tool that enables networked computers to communicate real-time data. OPCNet Broker eliminates all of the usual frustrations and vulnerabilities involved with DCOM configuration.

Data encryption and user authentication for a secure OPC DA communication

OPCNet Broker provides several and flexible options to configure data encryption and user authentication, in order to provide end users with the right tools to secure their OPC DA data.

OPC DA data transfer features

OPCNet Broker DA has configurable communication timeouts, data buffering and data compression features, thus allowing to setup architecture schemes meeting your requirements.

Easy firewall configuration enabling secure OPC DA communication

OPCNet Broker DA’s tunneling technology makes it easy to configure firewalls in industrial networks in order to enable the secure OPC DA data flow to reach its destination. In fact, only one single TCP port is required to be open on the firewalls that are located between the OPC DA client and the OPC DA server.