Integration Objects' OPC UA Server Simulator

Simulate real-time and historical data using OPC UA Server Simulator!

While upgrading to OPC UA standard, system integrators, developers or end-users need to test and analyze the effectiveness of OPC UA client applications with their own configurations. Things might become complicated when OPC UA Server is not a free tool to use.

As part of solving this problem, Integration Objects recently released a free to use and distribute OPC UA Server Simulator. It simulates real-time data for a configurable set of tags and data measurements. The simulated data is then stored into a CSV file enabling the simulator to respond to historical data read requests from OPC UA client applications.

This free UA Server is useful to:

  • Test OPC UA based systems and data flows
  • Simulate real-time and historical data
  • Manipulate data simulation using CSV files

It also provides a graphical user interface for easy monitoring and configuration.

Click here to download the UA simulator and try it now. You can also download a free OPC UA Client tool from here.

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