OPC UA Wrapper

Easily migrate to OPC Unified Architecture using OPC UA Wrapper

OPC UA Wrapper is a plug and play software that ensures secure and reliable interoperability between OPC and OPC UA while integrating multiple systems.. This OPC UA software includes 2 components:

  • OPC UA Wrapper that acts as a bridge between OPC Classic servers and OPC UA clients. It maps the address space of classic OPC servers to the address space of an OPC UA server.
  • OPC UA Proxy that acts as a bridge between OPC UA servers and any OPC client
OPC UA Wrapper

This OPC UA tunnelling solution has the capability to:

  • Connect OPC UA clients to any OPC Classic Servers.
  • Connect OPC Classic clients to any OPC UA servers.
  • Read and write OPC item values, read historical data, read and acknowledge alarms and events.
  • Manage security, authentication settings and certificates.
  • Support of UA TCP and HTTP transport protocols.
  • Support of HTTPS transport protocol for the proxy feature.

See how to easily set up this OPC UA solution.

For more information >https://integrationobjects.com/opc-products/opc-unified-architecture/opc-ua-wrapper/

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