Easily transfer your PLC/RTU Data to SQL Databases or CSV Files

Combine OPC Easy Archiver with OPC Server for Modbus to collect your PLC RTUdata and store them into standard databases (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC, etc.) or CSV files. Moreover, you can deploy OPC Easy Archiver on premises and transfer OPC DA data collected from the Modbus devices to the cloud by logging them to Azure SQL.

transfer plc/rtu data into databases

The archived data can be used afterward for trend analysis, a sequence of events, calculations, and reporting.*
This solution enables users to:

  • Transfer Modbus data to SQL databases or CSV files. Supported databases include: Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft Access and PostgreSQL.
  • Transfer of data from the databases to OPC DA Server for Modbus
  • Support of multiple Modbus TCP and serial devices connections.
  • Ensure data delivery by providing store and forward and automatic reconnection features to handle network disconnections.

For more information:
OPC Easy Archiver: https://integrationobjects.com/opc-products/opc-data-archiving/opc-easy-archiver/
OPC Server for Modbus: https://integrationobjects.com/opc-products/opc-server/opc-server-for-modbus/

* Contact us and learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your dashboards and reporting requirements: sales@integrationobjects.com

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